The symptom with heart painful dumpling

The lady that often can see a weakness in the television covers wind weeps bitterly not oneself, everybody may feel it is take sport and won’t give to be in life daily life, actually a few disease also can let everybody feel the pit of the stomach aches. The disease great majority with heart painful dumpling is a in bladebone, clavicular place, the meeting below the circumstance of aching generation feels aching to feel or be it is keen keenly feel, because this makes much patient,be to cover chest. From which can you differentiate on one hand is those who suffer from angina pectoris?

One, from angina of 5 levels resolution

1, the position. Aching place is to be in commonly bladebone is circumjacent perhaps, going up possibly also everything to guttural ministry one level is in the abdomen, also be having very little person is in guttural ministry above. Also can be in sometimes left arm, sword arm, also may accompany occasionally at playing cervical vertebra character, chin, sword arm, go up lumbar, left clavicular occasional is to go up area.

2, characteristic. Angina pectoris is a kind of crimple be oppressinged, grave stifle sexual ache, is not keen painful or it is to catch painful, give or have an acupuncture treatment feels or be it is close accident getting an electric shock is painful, or the pectoral frowsty be discouraged of day and night also is not pang. The patient that has few number basically can be behaved for angst un西安夜网 西安夜网easiness glowing f[……]


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The contraindication of tea-seed oil

Camellia is oily this kind of thing is certain a lot of people arrive is to have usually had eaten, but we all does not understand the common problem of this kind of thing, most first camellia oil cannot have in order to follow animal fat together, can reduce the digestive rate of camellia oil, and camellia oil is have very tall effect and effect, in the light of pregnant woman character, camellia oil is can dispel is gravid of grain, still can raise Yan Meirong and its embellish bowel to promote digest etc, it is the practical effect that has worm to the gastric bowel of little baby.

Produce camellia oil take abstain from vaccine

One, unwell contract is fed

Fat of camellia oily animal

Camellia oil is not OK take together with animal fat, meet camellia oil is rightly otherwise the digestive rate of the body. The edible with because vest in of hill tea-seed oil is not saturated and adipose very high class status is oily, this kind of oil does vegetable oil to have very tall nutrition part, and saturation of animal fat vest in is adipose, oil of 2 kinds of vegetables takes moment to lower the digestive rate of camellia oil together.

2, avoid appropriate group

1, suit a group: General group all can

General group can take camellia oil, amid contains the nutrient element of rich and colorful, force of immunity of body of OK and reasonable promotion, return the OK and reasonable hairdressing that protect skin.

2, abstain from group: Not have

Of short duration d[……]


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Half moon of fingernail root ministry is white

Fingernail root handles half month the left and right sides is white this kind of state is one of pattern with resolution fitness cold heat, because the open secret vein of the body is in place of fingernail crescent moon to begin exchange, but have the crescent moon look of a few people,not be very remarkable, this is not the r南漳微信小程序开发 南漳微信小程序开发eason of go to the bad, because human body lies,this is likely inferior healthy state. Below is about we master fingernail root to be in half month to control white common problem and its disease to send a reason what to have together.

On fingernail ” crescent moon form ” what meaning?

The crescent moon form on fingernail, alias ” electric heat fan ” , it is one of direction indicator of health of body and mind, can differentiate of fitness cold with heat.

Crescent moon form is located at fingernail place of lower part 1/5, it is the line of have a common boundary of main and collateral channels of human body the five internal organs, it is airframe yuan essence of life is abundant whether indicative,

Do not have crescent moon, although do not make clear go to the bad certainly, but want advertent is, this is human body lies already inferior warned healthily.

What do crescent moon form and age have to concern?

The person of health of a body and mind, when 30 years old, the crescent moon form on finger ought to be maintained in 8 ~ 10;

When 40 years old, ought to have 6; the least

When arriving 60 years old, ought to ha[……]


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Wind is gutty by the feeling of suf爱上海focate

Flustered be discouraged the subjective sex that in that way state is a patient completely commonly feels, but also be to a few people want to often feel to be worn by choke to chest, it is we are eating a few circumstances that feed capable person to fall very, if by suf南京水磨会所 南京水磨会所focate, this feeds even if material is swallowed by us already, still can continue to feel in chest this one position has a thing, this and our esophagus has very big correlation, does that Zuo chest have a kind to be felt what to reason be by what choke wears?

It is to have esophagitis likely, because the body dines,be of overheating feed capable person or esophagitis is caused after bacterium of cause of disease is affected, give bosom has suffocate feel, give occasionally the area before the heart is aching, after dining aggravate of unwell feeling disease, arise repeatedly. Be aimed at this ill cure, need to take edible drug treatment as soon as possible, if glue of Ao Meila Zun assists, li Zhu is gotten happy, the cure such as assist of glue of capsule of A Mo Xilin, cure can have turned slowly to two weeks

Considering is a chronic pharyngitis, keeping clear of is a the state of countercurrent sex esophagitis, medicine feels the reason that is pain or numbness caused by cold of empty hot larynx is caused in, need not eat hot food as far as possible usually thing of alimental of fat feeling raw or cold food. If give chronic pharyngitis, can cooperate to use thing of grai[……]


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Do not challenge below half body of the man easily

Read an article to remind: What the regulation of the game that what can mobile phone game have. Extramarital love is game of a body. Both sides wants not to play an inconvenience to come, what have to follow the sport of extramarital love is regular, of the private parts put in a private parts ‘s charge, have nothing to do with love.

I fall in love with a person already now, and even want to leave other for him

He is my boss, I am article secret. But I two do not have carnal concern, feel each other merely must come a little, basically keep no secrets from each other. I can experience him to should become me an open-armed friend already, although we experience close behavior, and even bathe together, subsequently stark-naked answer another, but we also had not crossed ultimate affection morality bottom line.

He has put forward clearly to want with my go to bed, but refused not carefully, his say my abstain Li Chaojiang. This kind has an affair with lasted 2 years, I was given to attract by his humanness and the design style that广州夜网 广州夜网 handle affairs gradually, I understand I had fallen in love with a person.

Come 2 years, I gave what he shows consideration for in a subtle way to attend, help him wash a sheet, include his pants, common in his job busy, did not care about have dinner, it is better to because I can go out,be bought to them send to his firm office. His thing is very good also. Ground of different of every time be away on official business, metrop[……]


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Each fear 5 things after the men and women is old

Raise without the person after anxious age became old, bring about human body of oneself of pressure, gas to children ” unable to do what one wants very much to do ” … a lot of old people have a few worry more or less. Survey detects, whole world lady worries about decline extensively more than the man, man woman is right of decline be anxious big also different. 5 the afraidest things after man woman is old, religion how do you cast off this kind of anxious mentation.

5 the schoolboy’s afraidest things

Erect functional obstacle.

Mix with cancer die comparative, the schoolboy is afraider erect functional block up. Authoritative expert makes clear, sexual desire can accompany decline to accelerate and drop, the man can be anxious to be caused thereby embarrassed or affront. 75% erect the function has level of groups of obstructive is small cholesterol unusual, authoritative expert suggests consequently, gi西安夜生活论坛 西安夜生活论坛ve this kind of state should check cholesterol level, additional, the sweetheart also cannot use the statement that make fun of excitant him.



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