Talk recently the problem about Muliniao

Talk recently the problem about MuliniaoFrom Qieerxi first phase does not like Muliniao the individual, like Muliniao from emperor horse period, await get sth done without any letup in those days, be like the aggression of lightning quickly, let the shake with fear that the person looks really! A few people say Muliniao to won’t be attacked, do not know to had seen the emperor horse at that time. A lot of people comment on Muliniao to won’t use people of a new type, so the definition that we see newlywed person above all, it is green example or young player. If be green example, qieerxi the Terry of first phase is promoted to be captain on Mu Shuai hand, established Terry ten years the position of La Junzhong fetch, await him in those days ability is 21 years old. Big He Sai not pulls the Walaneikalie of emperor horse period tower, to the Linjiade of graceful couplet period wheat overcomes Tuomina. If say young player, qieerxi the Luo Ben of the introducing of first phase, the He Di of be stranded neat Er of emperor horse period pulls angel, qieerxi 2 period Oscar Williams A Zi. If say to use technical player, do not know heart family, lanpade, be stranded neat Er, sineide, small way, calculate do not calculate? The individual thinks, dozen of law in Muliniao inside, need a technology more model in. Because strike back need is efficient, need speed, need creativity and definition more to passing a ball so. Can saying Muliniao’s success is bit more crucial is not the forward o[……]


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The distinction of bridge of the nose and hill root

Not clear everybody has whatted one hears bone of bridge of the nose and bridge of the nose these two areas, the person that has bridge of the nose is very special and easy the state with small bridge of the nose giving , because this is major person relatively love oneself to have the character of bridge of the nose that holds out high again again, in the light of myope character, if do not have spectacles for nearsighted persons of bridge of the nose to drop very easily also, be aimed at learn ace and character, they like to see the look of positional resolution face of bone of bridge of the nose and bridge of the nose very much, what do bone of that Zuo bridge of the nose and bridge of the nose have to differ?

There was not sure contact between each other, the person that has bridge of the nose is likely bone of bridge of the nose can be compared collapse, and the person that nose holds out is possible bridge of the nose is relatively small however.

Filling up hill root to get a word is to be used from the means that fill or adipose fill buys system is acid of inject Bo make water commonly, false body or it is oneself cartilaginous method also be to have, can be the person that pick not be a lot of; commonly

And the method that mat nose can choose costal region cartilage or is false body, aspect ratio of some basin friend nose ministry are not quite enough, because this considers a ground,the method of acid of inject Bo make water comes block up nose. And[……]


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Gas and toxic hind how to do

The state with toxic gives below the case that uses liquid gas, actually healthy to the body and mind of human body harm is very big, if solution gets a word instantly anything but, it is certain to can be brought about likely also to life power assist. If have the person with disclosure toxic carbon monoxide, ought to instantly open window door, let a patient leave subsequently toxic reduce.

One, how should do after carbon monoxide is toxic

1, door of fast open window, let a patient leave toxic environment, install indoors ventilated area, the pine sees garment area, maintain respiratory system smooth, with benefit at engulf air pure and fresh, conditional person accord oxygen therapy. Slight and toxic patient, disease is rapid subsidise, a lot of hour, or 1 – can restore to come over inside 2 days.

2, if the patient gives divine wisdom is not clear down to is insensible person, divide the nature that keeps stable ventilated outside, outside beginning a bosom quickly, press press and massage of the heart outside the bosom, send hospital outpatient service relieve a sick or injured person its instantly.

2, prevent the way to deal with a situation with toxic carbon monoxide

1, promotion is taught to the worker’s theme, project project should be vers上海千花网论坛ed in according to the farmer card of evening school, safe education, conduct propaganda is official show announcement countermeasure to wait to publicize a plan to avoid the professional knowledge with tox[……]


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Why should the woman masturbate

Masturbate, not be the man’s patent. According to abroad sociology of a sex studies raw material shows information scientificly, the lady that there is masturbation in response of the establish in survey is occupied 96.6% , amid can is in the person that masturbation accomplishs sexual pleasure in the process completely 94% , the person that can tell a real key to nod is 90.3% . Lu canal masturbates as a kind of sex means, if but fire, did not have create mental pressure, above criticism.

But it is before in the Chinese’s consciousness, be equal masturbation and pornography to be watched at its however, bring about the person of canal having Lu to be avoided talking to this matter, the lady is in especially for very. Its know a reason, the key has side of following Zhu Fang:

1, a crucial road surface that is regarded as to be understanding and impressibility desire

Masturbation lets a lady understand how to enjoy sexual pleasure, the link that also allows lady ego to identify happen frequently of climax of cicada sex desire is what the mood, when long-term when cannot achieving sexual desire climax in order to make a person, the sexual energy that Lu canal is a kind of knot allowing a surname gets the road surface th南京夜网论坛 南京夜网论坛at releases, masturbation can let a person issue the sexual desire of hunting oneself to the state of someone else of beardless according to.



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Hollow夜上海论坛 in the morning drink black tea

A lot of people love to be in hollow in the morning drink black tea, actually this kind of means is insalubrious, because the edge contains theine in green tea, theine is a kind of compound, vest in slants alkaline, if hollow the harm with drink tea party to be brought about to the stomach certain, can cause giddy and disgusting keck for a long time, after breakfast can eating in the morning, choose drink green tea, not only good to health part, and return can continue to obtain astonishing build up one’s health by rest and by taking nourishing food practical effect, below is solved to our detailed.

Green tea sex is downy, but tea is drunk when empty stomach, can make tea is digested absorb overmuch, the yellow ketone such as some theine is contained in tea, can make a person give dazed, feel nervous wait for disease, still can continue to cause intestines and stomach unwell feeling, appetite not beautiful, and even those who bring about gastric mucous membrane destroy, cause chronic gastritis to wait.

the person that has constipation in the light of body of a few long-term sexes, be in especially do not suit to rise to drink tea with respect to empty stomach in the morning, it is strong tea very, meet in that way pressure of aggravate stomach bowel, aggravate constipation, breast of warm boiled water, ox or fabaceous paddle are drunk to wait after had better awaking.

Drink green tea common problem

1, do not suit to drink green tea bet上海夜生活论坛 上海夜生活论坛ween pregnan[……]


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The room quivers need上海贵人千花网 a surgery

The operation treats the method of disease of body of this one cure, basically begin to the illness with the serious case on the body. No matter be,beginning big operation to treat Zuo is small start an operation, patient must the rehabilitate of cut of advertent operation cure and firstly paragraph repair phase. The room quivers is the heart disease with a kind of not neat heartbeat, the room quivers the patient gets breathing difficulty and wind to be blocked up frowzily wait for disease via often can becoming aware. The room quivers must instantly cure ability is OK repair state of illness, it is OK to but the room quivers to you can need a surgery certainly,treat ability cure?


1. cure take temporary solution is accurate

(Rhythm of the heart of sex of 1) rehabilitate antrum is only rhythm of the heart of repair antrum sex (all normal heartbeat) , ability can achieve the eye land that complete cure room quivers, because this quivers in the light of all rooms,the patient all ought to try the remedial method of rhythm of the heart of repair antrum sex.

(It is not OK that 2) controls rapid and ventricular rate to be aimed at the room of rhythm of the heart of repair antrum sex quivers patient, can apply delay of medicines and chemical reagents to reduce rapid ventricular rate.

(When 3) avoids the room in thrombosis and cerebral soldier to quiver if not OK rhythm of the heart of repair antrum sex, can apply fight coagulate the generation in generation of[……]


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