The relation of weight and blood pressure

Blood pressure is healthy value of relatively crucial a kind of index. Blood pressure and a lot of elem上海夜网 上海夜网ent are to have definite correlation completely, for example the hypertension of a lot of people, weigh too serious reason place to cause. And the high blood pressure that place of this kind of reason creates, the basis falls blood pressure medicaments can not achieve first-rate remedial result, need develops control again to resting. Below, it is our detailed solution to rest to wait for concerned major knowledge with hypertensive correlation again!

One, cease weigh the correlation with blood pressure

In the hypertensive patient of fat disease, rest to be able to reduce 5Kg its blood pressure again make an appointment with 4mmHg. And the patient that decreases fat to exceed 5Kg in the light of these. Blood pressure reduces strength to want greatly decrease fat 5Kg high too following person. All be worth the person that decrease fat 5Kg above, its blood pressure reduces strength 5-6mmHg. Every decrease patient of fat disease hypertension fat 1Kg, its blood pressure can be reduced make an appointment with 1mmHg.

2, how to control cease heavy

Patient of fat disease hypertension sends quantity of heat to absorb according to demarcate, the body building forging with reasonable and effective promotion, make rest heavy from remarkable light medium fat disease reduces degree of above slight and fat disease. And even press close to everything is normal, to its[……]


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Crus pinprick is fond of blast ache

Some people feel to oneself crus abdomen pinprick is fond of blast ache, how this kind of feeling can give ? Give the reason of this kind of disease has a lot of, crural ministry stood cool air to cause the probability, also may excessive exhaustion creates human body, after defective forging moves apparently, human body of a few youngsters also can give this kind of feeling. Below masters together fall what to reason can cause 广州夜网 广州夜网crus abdomen pinprick to ache.

1, catch cold catch cold

The severe cold of external environment is excitant, if the winter is indoor in the evening temperature is inferior, the mattress that builds when Morpheus quality passes thin or hand leg is shown by outside.

The jerk that causes because of catch cold catch cold, acid aches. So that some people take food ignore cold heat up suddenly, long-term bubble is in cold water, or it is to be between microtherm air conditioning in fall asleep, perhaps come loose sirocco fan is developing crural ministry blower for a long time, it is to cause cool air to enter the body.

Solution: Relatively fast reducing a method is, the vesicle that use heat or apply is hot.

2, excessive exhaustion

Quality of exhaustion, Morpheus, go to bed insufficient or go to bed causes sex of partial soda acid too much metabolic material deposit, all can cause muscle spasm. If walk or gymnastical time is too long, make lower limbs overworked excessive or go to bed rests bad, can make go to bed of quality[……]


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The practice of alvine lens

Everybody understands the lens that do bowel to check is relatively of anguish, because one kind does not have lens pain bowel this nowadays, this kind checks methodological Zuo is relatively the patient trusts, because not allow to make the patient feels aching easily in probation whole process, OK still the sees patient intestines and stomach detailed case of visualize, because this checks Zuo of proved recipe law this kind,be very practicable, does that Zuo fall to need to some of what preparation do to work in the case that makes ultrasonic bowel looking glass?

Ultrasonic bowel lens differentiates according to echo, relativity instantly alvine lens may be more accurate, the relativity of ultrasonic is small achieve, not easy so uncomfortable. Ultrasonic bowel lens can see the disease is had in alvine antrum, still can see the disease outside alvine canal through alvine antrum, and general bowel lens is watched only the problem is had inside the canal that check bowel, mix between alvine antrum lost sight of outside alvine antrum.

Ultrasonic bowel lens has general bowel lens and ultrasonic effect, instrument equipment tip contains shift device, can rotational 360 ° , it not only the layer step that can watch enroach on of tumour of colon of the shape that check second, return additionally distinguishable have cancerous move. The diagnose before art of this kind of adversary, choose an operation to treat plan plan, prognosis to all have active sense. Some cl[……]


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Chinese wife 10 big undesirable psychology

Accuse husband desire ” too flourishing person, those who plunge into is not complete it is husband, still include herself — lie at any time and place in the circumstance of uneasiness of angst mood angst and cannot abstain. Saying path: “The road is high one feet, evil spirit is high one a unit of length ” . “Control ” with ” recriminate is made ” not will easy cease, why to do excellent ” drive h上海夜生活论坛 上海夜生活论坛usband ” person, let husband become cheerfully ” free person ” .

Force the husband is become ” dragon “

Very clearly, the woman that has this kind of idea has stronger love vanity normally, spoken parts in an opera ” husband Rong Qigui ” ; besides, they also have psychology of stronger leech on to normally, spoken parts in an opera ” only cane pesters a tree, where the tree pesters a cane ” . So that consider their love,vanity is mixed depend on feeling, they are willing to release various actuating pressure to husband. Natural, incentive husband makes a determined effort to pursue strong and be done not have wrong, but, if not comply,occupy particular case, production creates actuating pressure, may the loss outweights the gain. A word: The female that forces the husband becomes dragon eldest brother is too ignorant.



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Wind is gutty by the feeling of suf爱上海focate

Flustered be discouraged the subjective sex that in that way state is a patient completely commonly feels, but also be to a few people want to often feel to be worn by choke to chest, it is we are eating a few circumstances that feed capable person to fall very, if by suf南京水磨会所 南京水磨会所focate, this feeds even if material is swallowed by us already, still can continue to feel in chest this one position has a thing, this and our esophagus has very big correlation, does that Zuo chest have a kind to be felt what to reason be by what choke wears?

It is to have esophagitis likely, because the body dines,be of overheating feed capable person or esophagitis is caused after bacterium of cause of disease is affected, give bosom has suffocate feel, give occasionally the area before the heart is aching, after dining aggravate of unwell feeling disease, arise repeatedly. Be aimed at this ill cure, need to take edible drug treatment as soon as possible, if glue of Ao Meila Zun assists, li Zhu is gotten happy, the cure such as assist of glue of capsule of A Mo Xilin, cure can have turned slowly to two weeks

Considering is a chronic pharyngitis, keeping clear of is a the state of countercurrent sex esophagitis, medicine feels the reason that is pain or numbness caused by cold of empty hot larynx is caused in, need not eat hot food as far as possible usually thing of alimental of fat feeling raw or cold food. If give chronic pharyngitis, can cooperate to use thing of grai[……]


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Function of of all k上海龙凤419网友约会inds fruity and action

The thing that in daily life we need to eat more is fruit and vegetable, no matter be old people Zuo ,be dot, often eat a few fruits and vegetable, be good part completely to human body, and have malic taste also be better, we live daily relatively common fruit, can say to countless is planted, different fresh fruit their taste is different, the nutrient element that contains inside also is different, do all sorts of fresh fruits have that Zuo what action and action?

Apple: Recuperate taste, drive kidney function, avoid high blood pressure, alimentary skin.

Big jujube: Medicable constipation, beneficial stomach promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty (empty stomach cannot feed beard to nibble to swallow) slow more.

Mango: Promote digest, avoid airsick vomiting. (Still can treat a cold, . )

Banana apple: Eat hind is fed, can promote digest.

Green plum: Treatment is tasted treat indigestion, disappear of be good at stomach is fed, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty.

Red carry: Filling gas blood, beneficial gas raises blood, hairdressing protects skin, pregnant woman drink can raise nausea.

Strawberry seedling: Clean surely, can feed more, c of vitamin of rich and colorful, but clear blood, advantageous micturition.

Muskmelon: Dietotherapy cannot be put on the ice, antifebrile, advantageous micturition, the body discharges poison, see hot weather, comfortable hypertension, diabetic, urethritis, (Anaemic, e[……]


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Feel always recent上海贵人千花网ly guttural those who block up is confused

The near future always feels guttural those who block up is confused, it is the disease as a result of chronic pharyngitis likely, crucial ill hair group is a few compare with pharynx and larynx much, for example teacher, speech or it is to broadcast chair etc, suggest this kind of group ought to want to water more, and should clear the throat moderately, can take candy of a few wet one’s whistle. Always feel guttural to the confused disease that block up sends a reason in the light of the near future, we all can master the look that below introduces in detail.

Throat blocks up unbearably is what reason after all: Guttural hair is blocked up, voice eyewinker feels probable is chr南京夜网论坛 南京夜网论坛onic pharyngitis comes on.

Semiotic expression

Chronic pharyngitis is relatively general chronic illness, the person that has chronic pharyngitis nowadays is absent a few, it is a teacher very, broadcast with chair, the star waits to often use throat group. Chronic pharyngitis is pharynx mucous membrane chronic inflammation, inflammation of vest in respiratory system, this ill crucial component becomes 3 kinds: Free sex is pure pharyngitis of pharyngitis, sex of the fleshy that overflow a gender, appoint shrink quality / dry sex pharyngitis. No matter which are planted phyletic pharyngitis, the patient feels with guttural eyewinker more, throat is small ache, Sao of dry cough cough urticant, cough is phlegmy the disease such as heat of much, guttural broil is incorporate, easy fat[……]


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