[the side effect that the lady takes n/med tuberculosis drug] note of _ female _

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In recent years tuberculosis great majority often has resistance to the action of a drug, need varied cure medicaments to cooperate to use drug each other each other. It is the much resistance to the action of a drug tha东莞夜网论坛t gives in recent years very, be able to bear or endure the drug-fast tuberculosis such as much medicine, general resistance to the action of a drug increases slowl西安夜生活论坛y, make coefficient increases cure difficulty, be forced to do uses extremely strong to human body side-effect curative thing, the lady eats n/med tuberculosis medicine to be able to give varied side effect.

The female takes the side effect of n/med tuberculosis medicine

The female takes th武汉夜品茶网e side effec

t with n/med tuberculosis general medicine is hepatic to the lady harm, it is the lady patient that has chronic hepatitis to oneself very. Also be to have a harm to lady skin, can give rash symptom. Can cause lady endocrine unbalance and menstruation are maladjusted. Medicine of a few n/med tuberculosis can cause unbalanced and fetal, influence to grow the varied side-effect such as development.

Visual effect neuritis. The key gives in using the patient with use very large amount, can have the faintness that look matter, management center blind area gives when eyesight is ambiguous, the line of sight (eyesight faintness category) decrescent.

Enteron is unwell feeling, appetite not beautiful, discovery of liver function examination is unusual, some still can have irritability dermatitis and muscle painful with arthralgia.

The female takes the side effect of n/med tuberculosis medicine

Can affect nephritic function occasionally, want discreet application in the light of pregnant woman, baby and the patient that have epilepsy, before using, had better be to make relevant check, tight wants to watch those who check harmful response to give when using, be aimed at more severe undesirable reaction, ought to stop drug instantly 长沙夜网论坛below specific guidance of the doctor. Hepatic harm is the most general, take medical period inside, answer to check liver function regularly. Reason liver function checks the person that owe beautiful and taboo of 3 years old of following children.

Can send joint to ache佛山夜生活论坛, if diseas佛山夜网论坛e is gouty, the patient that has gouty accompl东莞夜网论坛ishment is unfavorable. Hypersensitive shape, a few is calorific 武汉夜品茶网reach rash, and even can give icteric. Skin report, certain more sensitive to the light, 重庆夜品茶网skin exposure position shows vermeil nigger-brown. The person that long-term sex takes drug, the skin shows cupreous scene, after stopping drug but gradually repair. Enteron report, have appetite not beautiful, disgusting keck and vomiting. Have slight enteron report, be like appetite not beautiful, disgusting keck, vomiting, bellyacke and constipation, pregnant woman discretion is used, often appear all round neuritis. Have liver loss, the person that liver function examination owes beautiful is unfavorable.

The female takes the side effect of n/med tuberculosis medicine

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