[Zun eats Lansuola one day a few times] how does _ take methodological _

Article introduction

Everybody understands different drug, its take medicine frequency second it is different. Some are a day 3, some are semidiurnal, stil西安夜品茶网l be a little a d重庆夜品茶网ay. Does below let us master Lan Suo to pull bursa of Zun bowel collosol one day to a few times eat?

Medicaments manual suggests Lan Suo pulls bursa of Zun bowel collosol one day to eat长沙夜生活论坛武汉夜网论坛. But go up in clinical medicine, the state of illness of each patient is different. Actual frequency second follow the doctor’s advice please.

Lan Suo pulls vest in of bursa of Zun bowel collosol to fight acerbity drug, get together for proton pump delay agent. Its effect the H -K -ATP at cell of body of gastric mucous membrane is enzymatic, make the H of mural cell cannot go in the stomach with shipping, quantity of the gastric juice in down to hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is r佛山夜品茶网educed considerably. Tumour of element of secrete of esophagitis of sex of ulcer of crucial cure gastric ulcer, duodenum, countercurre东莞夜品茶网nt, stomach.

The disease dosage with different cure is different. Actual and the following: ? Heir of over sixty years of age of provide for of  of scar of Q of  of   ode engraves the Huaihe River of earnestly of  of danger of Bao the Huaihe River?b250g(2 piece) , take continuously eat 4-6 week; Esophagiti

s of sex of gastric ulcer, countercurrent, eminent – syndrome of moxa surname type () of tumour of gastric secrete element, ulcer of be identical mouth, adult everyday, every time 3b250g(2 piece) , take continuously eat 6-8 week. Maintain cure, big patient, liver function examines the patient with block up and liver kidney not tall function this product 1 day 1, 1 15mg(1 piece) . General and theory, big person action of gastric juice metabolization decreases, and other physiological function东莞夜品茶网 also decreases, cause cure period inside advertent and close together view is checked.

Bursa of Zun bowel collosol is in Lansuola medication in whole process, should watch amply check, by its the place on disease application cure needs to use an amount the least. Take feed this product to must notice following matters concerned: 1. Need not chew, rectify a tap water to devour please. 2. Pregnant woman taboo. 3. If be taken additionally,feed other drug to seek advice to t佛山夜生活论坛he doctor please.

Narrate according to place, we understand what the Lan Suo below general situation pulls bag of Zun bowel collosol to take medicine frequency second佛山夜品茶网 be a day. But the situation is different, take feed frequency sec

ond likely also different, c西安夜网论坛onsult a doctor actually please.



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