[37 how many money a jin] note of _ price _

Article introduction

37 action is more, accordingly, the state that a lot of people are shirt-sleeve oneself comes choose and buy 37, but, they also can worry about oneself to may buy 37 with day price, be about to think a jin to understand 37 how many money of course, also want to understand西安夜网论坛 additionally how ought to choose 37 big, see an answer together.

37 how many money a jin


The first, 37 price


Actually, 37 price is different putting some action also is to have a difference, normal circumstance falls and 37 function with word more valuable price can be jumped over better, and, 37 function is good piece the head also is relatively big normally, if want to buy 37 of high quality, that Zuo , the proposal sees price how, if piece the head is gen佛山夜网论坛eral, that Zuo , market price is in 100 yuan a jin of fluctuation, bigger price also meets a head as more and more a few taller.

37 how many money one jin

The 2nd, how to choose 37 big

1, the accident that views it. If be 37 relatively big, that Zuo , it is to follow half of carbolic element pen to grow completely comm重庆夜网论坛only, and, the bulky standard that its bulky level follows carbolic elemen

t pen is similar.

2, the cross section that sees it. The cross section that sees 37 alertly can detect, it divides geminate layer, inside one is green, be become to be 37 hearts, be 37 inside effect and action are best yes one part, accordingly, we all can 长沙夜生活论坛see green below the condition that treat how many do this one have after all, if green this one is relatively little, that Zuo , proposal discretion does it.

3, read taste. Although the flavour of 37 a little bitter, but, wen Yiwen Zuo is to have very comfortable flavour of a drug, still can continue to relatively sweet smell is released later, if the东莞夜品茶网 37 flavour of your nose either such, that Zuo , its efficacy of a drug still wants qualificatory letter.

37 how many money a jin

37 how many money a jin? 37 price and the way that pick 37 big are above, if want to choose 37 big, that Zuo , 3 levels are narrated to loo武汉夜网论坛k from place with respect to长沙夜网论坛 need below the case that choose, just can ensure in that way you buy 37 real thing is worthy, may be no重庆夜品茶网 good as a result of 37 quality otherwise and affect efficacy of a drug, and even cause eat in good condition also lose sight of practical effect state for long.



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