[the side-effect of litharge apply] influence of _ of _ litharge apply

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Litharge detumescence worm, astringent anticorrosion, drop phlegmy calm佛山夜网论坛 Jing. For you detailed sees the effect of litharge and effect, the side-effect of litharge, the medicine of litharge learns 长沙夜品茶网record and narrate, of litharge add just wait for professional knowledge, that Zuo , how do the use quantity of litharge and side-effec佛山夜网论坛t _ remove subsidise? Below net is made up for you detailed is solved.

The side-effect of litharge external use


The effect of litharge and action

1, : of frequent seminal emission? Gorgon euryale is overcome by? , gallnut 3 grams, sea the egg capsule of a mantis 4 grams, grind in all especially delicate last stage, face in the evening everyday when sleeping, go up in glans with a few besmear.

2, acne: ? Younger sister Gorgon euryale talks about Yun treasure ⑻ by ⒄ of haying Pi of ⑿ of  of  of  ⒊ Suo illuminate spoon imprints gram of?0 of  of ⒁  commonplace, camphor is proper, grind in all especially delicate last stage, add 75% alcohol 300ml. Sealed bottle sealing 3 days OK. When using liquid medicine enough shake up, tampon dips in medical inunction, early in late each 1.

3, nose: of wine broken bits? Gorgon euryale is overcome by?0, the root of straight ladybell, sulfureous pink each 30 grams, light pink, Bai Mi is proper, tone is become ropy, early i西安夜品茶网n late each put on the skin 1, every time suffers from rub to brush 5 cent Zuo in blain.

The side-effect of litharge external use

4, : of 西安夜网论坛tinea versicolor, fleck? Gorgon euryale wait for a portion each by? sulfureous pink, grind delicate last stage. Take absorbent cotton place in 75% alcohol wringing, dip in subsequently blain of powder besmear put on the skin suffers from to the skin aglow.

5, Huang Heb

an: ? Gorgon euryale is overcome by? , reach 6 grams in vain, root of herbaceous peony 6 grams, 4.5 grams of white Lian, white monkshood 6 grams, bai Ding is sweet (sparrow dung) 4.5 grams, tu Yao grinds in all pulverous, every time is put into chicken with a few medicine end child Qing Dynasty or white sweet recuperation bec长沙夜网论坛ome rare paste, face of warm water bath is used first before staying up late, get on this medicine Tu Yuban after, general inside a year but abreaction.

6, body odor: ? Gorgon euryale by? anonymous diff

erent (by, withered vitriol is stronger) equal, grind delicate last stage, clean alar, put on the skin of medical end besmear, earl重庆夜网论坛y in late each 1. After taking drug 5 days, reassume litharge 1, unripe garlic 3, be like,po佛山夜生活论坛und in all mud, on apportion sanded cloth, apply at axillary below, fixed do not move, day is changed 1 times, 5 days treat a process.

The side-effect of litharge external use

7, : of wind of white purplish or white patches on the skin? Gorgon euryale owes ⑿ of  of mansion ⒖ Shen to hay? of carbuncle of dark blue of Pi ⑸ Ji is overcome by  ⒘ Jie, camphor 3 grams, grind delicate last stage, day 1.

8, eczema: ? Gorgon euryale is overcome by?0, huang Bai 5 grams, camphor 2.5 grams, for powder, can use snake of hall of Xin of be apt to bravery ancestor just moves water besmear, everyday 1.

9, skin Sao urticant: ? Gorgon euryale dips in by  sandpiper orangutan in vinegar of? capital investment, relapse 67 times, grind delicate last stage, attune of hill tea-seed oil besmears the injury is in.

10, : of scrotal dermatitis, eczema? Gorgon euryale owes Jian of  of mansion ⒊ な by Jie of ⒘ of shank of  ⑶ zhuan3huan2 truly? is pow东莞夜网论坛der, sesame-seed oil moves besmear.



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