Long for your ~上海龙凤阁GE once love most

all15Long for your ~ once love mostPresent you pass whether show off heart? Present you pass whether flexibly? Present beside whether you leave him in you? Present you whether with depend on each other of his photograph lean close to…After-thought removes us at that time. Because you manage different land with male friendly body, Because of my jubilation, You leave me beside you to make his substitute. I think all the time can let you forget th体验上海黑玫瑰DCe past, forget him, Can accept me, accompany beside in me. You are sad, We drink on crossover weep the上海419shlfDE plane that sees the sky has flown. You are happy, We embrace lovers’ prattle thinking a kiss in photograph of the passion below arbor unbroken. That year of the seventh evening of the seventh moon, your birthday, I take 520 roses festive lantern filled up with in house ” I love you ” , That night, My hand holds Little Bear bouquet in both hands to fall on his knees to love to your announce. Result, You received the telephone call that 3 many his months never make, Those who jubilate run, go as honey-tongued as him, Leave me, Odd genu genuflect is on the ground, Boundless and indistinct does not know like that absently alleged, Tear of at one’s convenience slips ceaselessly below, drip to go up in最新阿拉上海后花

园 festive lantern…The following day before dawn, You go sadly to me all over the face again beside, Recounting him a variety of bad. I also resemble again is as one used to do in that way, Accompany beside in you, Channel is worn you, smile obsequiously is worn you, comforting you, taking care of you…And you, Whether to understand, Be harmed you, injured another person likewise, A person that loves to love you very much very much…Graduation season, You go searching your dream, Go searching you that him. Did not see me all over the face do not abandon, Only all over the face happy. Persuade to stay without what hear my heart, What have his heart filled with only is happy. I am laughing to say to you, Find him, follow him happily to pass. Everything after you are wanting to find him only, Do not have discovery however, Look at your little face, Look at体验上海黑玫瑰 you slowly the back of station of face about trend, My heart has how aching, My tear flows have how miserable intense…I had told you, Even if cannot be beside you, I also can be guarded forever in you beside. No less than that song, Love you like angel. I am not angel, But, My heart is accompanying you all the time…My heart is accompanying you all the time… This card is final by mad for silk at 2上海贵族宝贝论坛RF012-8-20 08:51 editor1 editor



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