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all14Read ” Mo Gao hole ” have feeling             Read ” Mo Gao hole ” have feelingRead ” Mo Gao hole ” , temporarily the heart is yearning. 60 lis short, recorded China actually 1000 Zai Wenming. Just go without the predestined relationship experience, can conve

y oneself heart that admire only with the character. According to account of hill sea classics, shun chases 3 Miao Yusan danger. 3 danger namely on Mo Gao hole, it is with its mirror a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center, daring whyIts are big. The historical historic site of Mo Gao hole, of long standing and well established, come from Northen Wei Dynasty Song Yuan. Chiliad is accumulated, never rupture. A fewcovered an ancient name for China the colour that major history recorded each dynasty Northen Wei Dynasty with its colour and dance appearance should be muddyThick ad cool-headed, bold and unrestrained and bold and generous, much Zhan Zhiqiu, affliction coexists. Young tiger strong steed and Trojan are in of the wall with Brown bluenessMidstream drips, mad wild and cruel. Generation of the Sui Dynasty is luxuriant and light, design is careful and show atmosphere, regrettablly, emperor of Yang of the Sui Dynasty can not be a good emperor, the historyNature won’t be long. Tang Dynasty follow the air of the Sui Dynasty is elegant, colour all the more is bright, it seems that all colour herein bursts forth, Intense and bold and generous what not be like Northen Wei Dynasty however is mad wild. If spring breeze is vernal, xia Hua夜上海论坛DScan is sodden, vast and mighty, flow into and go. Suffer Tang Dynasty remaining prestige to affect, the colour of the Five Dynasties becomes particularly ad cool-headed, that heaven and earth appears smaller and smaller, see a look hardThe pen that come. Mor上海各区工作室外卖海选MHe and more exquisite and meticulous. Arrived Son爱上海新419g Chao, country situation is declivous. Bearing is constrained. Heaven and earth is narrow. Although luxuriant and clinking, but have hard perky. Your person hard idea wave. The space heals small, not answer before face is wonderful. 60 lis picture scroll, trot along on horseback view is beautiful. Be afraid very fast also be to look, but 1000 carry accumulate such massiness. Contemplative amon上海千花网坊g them, again light footstep also can become heavy, the person that considers without place again also is met idea wave. Can say againThe person also can become a little silent. With have in beautiful scenery heavy, be reluctant to leave roundtrip in overworked can’ts bear. Hole of such Mo Gao, let him 3 danger golden light, rely on afterglow of lofty or bottomless, with the chink of craftsman carve, recordMove an ancient name上海花千坊1314 for China is civilized. Move an ancient name for China is civilized.. This card is final You Guzhou 2 Xie Yu 2012-6-20 16:17 editors7 editors



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