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all8She loves               She lovesbusy several days, the sense is especially other and rich nevertheless, very much not easily bit of time wants to come here to be basked in now, Let oneself recollect good thing: In one’s childhood, I like a person to mount the old city wall of home town, go up alone tallBuilding, dolefu上海后花园419l Gu is tall, in those days, I do not pass gift 934 years old, like a person to circling old church to listen to odeSound, the dim light of night arrives, do not feel horror, feel only however the sort of of Bao Liang only beautiful. A few bigger, I like a person to go alone by train, arrive far, farther even place, I li夜上海论坛网ke unfamiliar, Like to become the woman of a leisurely and carefree mood in strange street, everything all, love because of me only. Still have than fromOneself love more happy thing? Oneself love, the heart of a Meng Chen is wet rise, I love crepuscular rain, can hit hair end merely wetRain, I love what transmit in air sweet-scented osmanthus is sweet in August, the child that runs on the street, butcher that sells food, rapid move comes homehusband and wife, the doleful expression that sells the child of the newspaper to look up at a day… the cooked food that I like this marketplace, the heat of this every commonBe troubled by, as loving hear suddenly in midnight transmit in hush far more sound, distant, kind, stick lung heart to heart, Those who let a person find this world immediately is good, this is so very such — in lonely when have lonely beauty, inLively when have lively beauty. I love a person to shop. Without the purpose, it is gad. I love to make an appointment with 29 know already, run to a city a simple and simple cafes, of primitive simplicity, wax printing is insidecloth, accept is above on the west ancient prose, have l一品楼浙江信息MRight Hua Xiangyi full whole cafes, taking the door is Gu Zheng, maize paperThe lantern is hanged on the frame of old Mu Wen, there is the fish that flows back and forth in the pottery and porcelain of Jingdezhen…I still love and 贵族宝贝 上海论坛35 know to alre上海千花验证归来ady surrounded furnace small sit, night listens wind snow, the music that a few love hear is sung when interest is full, And waving in this the wintry night of drizzle, everything is so noiseless peacefully, we are saying love, sometimes silent, sometimesClang. Such days, it is sweet colourful, it is vacant, lead a few minutes of indescribable bewitching energy of life, take a few minutes of dejectedAnd fan drunk. From the teenager miserable green, to present blackish green, riding the church that bicycle passes when transient teenager again when me, I know, everything does not have a change, I or that is liking the boy of numerous flower, still be that sees the find hand is defeatedSnow-white orange reveals jubilating woman. My loving always is so much, liking lively, also liking quietStatic. A day, I am in alone shop, a bazaar that be here, I see 3 words suddenly: ” she loves “I was stupefied, that is me. Yes, she loves, st

ill have more wonderful than this thing? All genesis, Some because, all fruit, because,be completely, she loves. I am looked at aloof, heart unexpectedly a sniffle and unable to speak, had the feeling of heartbreak feel sad even. That is the brand of a dress only, is what most propbably gives it to have a name also the woman of a profound meaning? Most propbably sheAlso be the person that act wilfully, want oneself to like only, do not be in charge of pleasing others, think so, feel heart antuBecame. On this world, be like the woman like me, of all kinds, peacefully, like calm life, because know in the heartPath, the person on this world or thing, not be you envisage complete good, but, you still want choice effort land forthFly, for the sake of the beauty in this process. For the sake of the beauty in this process.. This card is final You Guzhou 2 Xie Yu 2012-9-12 16:38 editors8 editors



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