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This sticking o杭州贵族宝贝论坛419btain acknowledgment X in all7Life essay               Life essayDrink milk today, write above the box that pack ” not be all milk cry special Lun Su ” . Fang Yu says: Responsibility implies sacrifice, do not work hard to be done not have relaxed, indolence suffering does not have joy, happiness andContrast comes out misfortune. The life is to plant experience, growing is kind of experience, blow like wind, we cannot see, feel do not wear what know it howeverExist. Above all, ourselves must want to be certain future; A salesman that cannot convince even oneself is destined is to breakBe defeated. Next, we should struggle for it, whenever, no matter He De, we are true can of lean have us onlyOneself. After all we pull A dream without Duo. Not abandonment, remember Gao Qi saying a word: Worst also such, it is better to will be met only tomorrow. Always once thought: The world is too inequitable, the person is born to be destined to differ from. Just understand the person always says a bit now: God is fair, let you lose a few, with respect to meeting supply a few. OrMake you you do not want, probably you lose you do not want to lose; It is the gain and loss that this is you only, accept and written guaranteeBundle just have new beginning, blindly sink into to be able to be i上海千花 女生自荐JRmmersed in marsh only. No matter when, forever the platoon is in the first close affection, love is in great and final also can turn into close affection, Friendly sentiments is similar, friend forever brother of be not a patch on! Be kind to on夜上海论坛网eself family member more, they gave you warmth, gave you joy, gave you sadness: Won’t do without woodBoat, anhydrous does not become a river. Person lifetime should act a lot of parts, hard to avoid is performed on a certain part not fine, want us to had tried hard only, Good without shake. Had seen a movie about nick, the key of nick depends on allowing. Want to allow, be about to regard the target as oneDot, no matter why were you already planted means, the mediumest purpose is to should

aim this to nod. Archimedes says: Give meFulcrum, I can raise the earth! So we should be nodded to oneself first, one can make him strong first but only then prop up. Get married power industry? Does power industry get married? Leave us very far probably, leave us very close probably. in those who say is good: Economy decides superstructure, material decides marriage, money decides l爱上海龙凤419论坛ERove. Probably one-sided, Probably extreme, but true however. The measure that is person and person only is different, say like galley proof: Ant has the good fortune of antBlessing, happiness is this ant that feels the most handsome with me, for the small grass in people look, the large tree in our eye oneMake arduous efforts since爱上海DF, too painful without experience happiness is not good happiness. I still may not know what love is after all, it is a kind of sense organ forever, resemble rain, dry up less, much big waterlogged; Like praise, be fed up with curse. Often see a few articles on the net, if have male,say, … or if have female… so, must…Just do not have on this world so much if. Also won’t have so so much must…Darling ever said: Happiness relies on him to contend for fetch. This word resembles abracadabra same, it is all the time in my brainWander, this let me remember a word: A priori of a lot of things is destined, that is ” life ” ; But you can decide howFace, that is ” carry ” ! A lot of moment, when we are helpless, when we are sad, always love daydream; Ideal meeting is thought up a lot of excellentidea, but do not do everything however. Reality is not an illusion forever. The society is not one the individual’s world forever. The mainstream is to point to much, or the majority; Just have so This card is final by 8 spirit at 2012-9-11 21:40 editors0 editors



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