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l life has heard of ” feed king contend for hegemony to surpass ” of this Biao HanNoun. Before period of time, my brother played to feed king contend for hegemony to surpass, saying is to give bored bigThe student adds variety of a few color separation alive, ha, he also can eat very much really coming. I am written down so that we have a meal together beforeMoment, his speed and appetite and I am about the上海千花419ED same still, I am to be inferior to him now. One, he is right dining room masterSay: ” a jin of rice ” , that is the eyeball enrolling a person that comparative at that time, niu Ren! After the event he is so with meSay this thing: Really, anyway university already such, go out to play playing is a right choice instead. MakeFor a man that can have, before a few days attend class to hear of, the street has an activity that feeds contest of king contend for hegemony in, it is to compare seeminglyWho eats quickly. He feels he is other be no good, this respect or some go all out. Brewed a few days, pull eventuallyMove a friend went, begin to上海龙凤网坛HR return b夜上海论坛e nervous, always feel oneself may be no good, altogether a few 20 people, so much still potbellied fatso (my friend is particularly thin) . Do not think afterwards, lunch money was saved, Should eat lunch, won’t come to breakfast incidentally, with a ha breath out…When he sees the staff member fills a meal, look at that not less than 2 jins fry a meal, unavoidable some are afraid, 2 jins of rice! ! Although be in at ordinary times he can eat 8 2, really already not little, but compare even go all out fastDegree… he says designedly, in the stage when going up, be being mixed is different at ordinary times, feel easy to do at ordinary times ableDropped appetite, eating with respect to suffocate. But, keep drinking water wet one’s whistle. Depend on him finally nevertheless that is deepdetails, obtained the good result of 3 minutes of 38 second, with one action carried off group the first, after last groups of ends, Jing does not have the acquisition of danger champion! I hear that calls a shock, 1 rice the 8上海花千坊爱上海EF build of a few, have 65 only fairJin, wh北京龙凤419论坛ERat eat actually is so much and speed is breathtaking, the ox is threatening content! What must carry is, the award of champion is onePiece value 500 yuan supermarket shops card, have a meal not to spend money to still take money, be interesting! Nevertheless his after the event says, thatThe supermarket is more high-grade, 500 are to cannot buy what thing really, tragic…Lunch did not eat of course, the person asks him flavour on the side how, I go, he says directly, do not know flavour! . Feed and do not know its ingredient, this must say is a kind of tragedy. And, truth says, abdomen is done not have the sort of satiateFeeling, but had not filled in to leave pron any thing. Look what this restaurant does is not delicious ah, with a ha breath out…Tell the truth, eat a thing to be opposite too quickly really the body is bad, remember going up junior high school when I have a meal all the time very fast. But everyday metropolis and I protest abdomen midday. Also know later, have a meal to be opposite too quickly gastric harm is very great really. Someone says youth of this kind of activity can try, but I feel, for your stomach, for your body, pleaseTo nibble slow pharynx, cherish your stomach. After all taste is linked together, have very big concern with the ability of that respect. While everybody is interested, the hope has hearts place, wither! Wither!! This card is final by 8 spirit at 2012-9-15 01:05 editors5 editors



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