W上海花千坊1314JFant to go Hainan

all8Want to go Hainan               Want to go HainanI want to go Haina上海外菜会所EFn, although be in,do not have so much be passionately in love to it a long time ago, can take a telephone call when alar elder brotherWhen the seaside lets me listen to sea wind, this complex has been planted deeply in the heart below; I want to go Hainan, when oldFair the photograph that comes back to bring blue sky of water of that green jade from class of a place of strategic importance, the freedom of that hollowness, this complex has been in the heart firmThe kink of firm; I want to go Hainan, saying to be becom上海后花园419e when husband is the honeymoon that we marry, can seek the sea of a 5 stars classScene room, enjoy a few days of sea breeze well, this complex is already more than in the heart kink, had overflowed wholeThe soul, have a belief only — I should go Hainan! I want to go Hainan, although thought one year another year, a dayAnother day, even the heart begins to had been absent hold a hope, arrive stoutly from what begin present spellbound, should seeThose who beautiful swallow sends the photograph heart of Hainan to begin fanaticism again is jumpy; I want to go Hainan, say when husband you are decided, withTravel agent is better go at any time, but still did not begin the operatio

n however, because of the company present current situation is mixed whatThe heavy head that the thing needs to kiss force to be in person begins, when how can I let him busy in this, leave so a fewDay, the rank that also joined oneself this to busy then, the hope can partake more pressure. Alas… I thinkGo Hainan, although my cur上海千花网坊RFrent situation still did not go! I want to go Hainan, because I never have been to a seaside, the seaside of the Shanghai that arrives exclusively namelyThe Huang S上海千花 女生自荐hui with the water of beach o r with clean artifical and silty o muddy r , all landscape is bei上海龙凤419论坛EFng taken deep and factitiousFlavour of the stink of money still has by the stink of the maize water with outer segregation! Think even itself 51 when want to had been close friends in ShenzhenThe sea that glance because rain,also did not go after all, because not be Hainan,also have in the bottom of the heart of course! Choice Hainan becauseGo to where should be him land above all to no matter go,think, revitalize native economy! Of course if I also have thatKind the word of free travel opportunity, whether is also won’t minding him naturally Hainan! Breathe out ah… of course, it is to do not have thisKind the opportunity drips…Alas… n n d ! I want to go namely Hainan! I want to go namely Hainan!! This card is final You Guzhou 2 Xie Yu 2012-9-23 12:02 editors2 editors



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