” softhearted t上海干磨店688一览表EFhe seventh evening of the seventh moon ” + ” this affection can need look back ” (A group 43 work)

all24″ softhearted the seventh evening of the seventh moon ” + ” this affection can need look back ” (A group 43 work)              This affection can need look back  There are a lot of things on the world is more important than love? Arrive actually leave till that day, we are not quite ripe also. Did not leave even. Our distance is less than 1 millimeter when recently, but the heart is lain between very far however. Your muddy does not know my think of a way like that at that time, actually I also do not know. I sometimes for you can whats do not want, and feel not to know you however sometimes. Who Knows! And Who Minds! Most when beginning, I feel your not up to much. Come up against you then meeting insecurity and be at a loss. Begin a heart to struggle later again. Later… not later. Everything changed, I begin to become warped often no longer class, can be all along ” rampant ” I sit without courage actuallyThe position that goes up by the side of you. Does the side face of the back that can you know you have many attractive? I can be lain between in the classroom even50 people see your back euqally. Even if has a few times ” accidental ” do by you, I also can become not good at one’s words, want to know, I am the schoolThe activist of mass organizations, often face 300 people to speak with fervor and assurance. I changed the course that answers a dormitory even, because leave your dormitory closer. Encounter for the first time very accident, I think I and you are right inspected a second, very happy really. Before every time is encountered later, I can have it 魔都新茶论坛ERseems that premonition, a lot of times my god differs what ghost makes to walk up a few notThe crossroad that often goes, also can meet unexpectedly you. Encounter every time, I am light only make a call with you. The turns over you in the mobile phone telephone call that I meet many times everyday, but was not hit every time, even if

think againYou. I am not guilty, I attract you, I am very self-confident. I do not know you can like what kind of person. But when we are together, I can understand your eyes. Sometimes we are right inspect, with respect to the think of a way that can know the other side. The shows me before you advantage of上海千花验证归来 my unbridled. But say candidly, I sometimes very slack, very decadent, very irratable夜上海论坛网EF, very hypocritical. Although have a lot of a ring of lightThe cover is on my body. You can let me change. Allegedly love makes person sublimate. Graduated next. Lofty ideal did not propose a toast body predecease, long make heroic tear full front of a garment. There are a lot of things of course 上海贵族宝贝sh1314TFon the world is more important than love. Remember that ” send oak ” ?    If I love you –Absolutely the Chinese trumpet creeper that unlike involves aid, lend your tall branch play the peacock; If I love you –Do not learn spoony bird absolutely, for green shade上海2020龙凤 repeat singsong music; More than also resemble springhead, deliver cool and refreshing solace all the year round; More than also resemble perilous peak, raise your height, foil your impressive manner. Solar even. Even rain during springtime. Not, these are insufficient still! Must be ceiba of your near one individual plant, as the figure of the tree and you the station is together. As the figure of the tree and you the station is together.. This card is final by 8 spirit at 2012-9-21 01:45 editors5 editors



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